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SINAL - Terms and Conditions


Contrarily to some Search Engines like Google and Yahoo, our Site does not install in your computer any type of  Spy Cookie to track you and know where you have been and who you are!
We respect your privacy, you are free to search everything you wish I

Hosted Files

If you represent an authority , we inform you that nothing of what you see in our results are host by us!
All the files or pages that you find after clicking a result are host from the external source, site, organization.
We cannot control all the type of info that people write or submit in their sites!

Authoring & Copyrights

 All the Software include in SINAL was Design, Build and Developed for SINALSOFT.
We do not use any third software or resource to provide you results!
All the rights are reserved and property of SINALSOFT Organization, this includes:
The SINALCRAWLER, our Software to crawl the Web.
The Data Base Engine.
The Search Engine.
The Website and all the other parts integrated.


We scan all the results before include them in our database with a good antivirus software!
We do this because we understand that the internet is full of dangerous places and lots of trash and spam, we do not like and you do not want it.
This doesn't mean that there is nothing wrong with that sites, as you know they can change when they want, information is always changing!
So we cannot be responsible for the type of info you find in external sites!
SINAL offer you the best complete way of searching , with a variety of tools you can use to filter your search and protect you and your family or organization.

Thank You Very Much for your interests reading this page
Please do not hesitate in contact us if any doubts occur, Help need..etc using Our Support