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About SINAL (sinal.eu)


SINAL was the greatest Project for 2006 from SINALSOFT.
In the begin we were only trying to a build new engine to replace an old one that we hade before this one,
that old Search Engine (P2Bsearch 2003 made by James Smith and Paulo Pta) was a big mountain of code that was making us tired every time a crash happened, also we could only have links from manual inserting giving us a poor library, We wanted something better and organized!
In 2006 Paulo Pta work alone and toke 6 Months to Build SINAL Search Engine!
In 2008 we did build a complex WebCrawler and insert more technology inside the Search Engine.


Paulo Pta from Portugal and Andre Dewes from Brasil are the Science Computing Programmers that own
SINALSOFT and they study many different web  and computer languages  such C#, Asp, ASP.Net, Ajax, Xml, VBscript...etc.
You can see a list of languages and technologies that they work, here in this page:


Our objective is to have the Best Quality Search Engine in Europe, and we believe we have what it needs.
That's is also the reason of the .EU tld of our domain name!
We also like to be the First search provider for Programming Languages.
We want People to decide the way they want to surf internet in the easiest way!
Our Search Engine is very complex peace of technology and entirely made by SINALSOFT.
We do not depend on other search engines, is a SINALSOFT  only Computer Science Invention.
SINAL use at least
) 7 Type of Programming Languages
) 1 WebCrawler with Quality sensibility chooser
) 1 Website with easy and cute interface (ecologic)
) Server Script technologies for manipulating all the Engine
) Web Script for local user Interface
) .Net technology for work with results Local
) DB Script to store and query results 
) Web Code according with W3C for Browser Compatiblity
) Dictionary  (3 Languages) without changing pages


We believe we have a different and better way for people to surf the internet, see the following examples:
why have 1 Million Results when Users only read the first 2 to 10 pages!
Our Search Engine is capable of eliminate all the sites that do not have the minimum required.
80% of the sites we scan are trash, We don't need it, You don't want it.
To us Trash means (Sites with no description, No Titled, Empty Sites, Threat sites, Scam Sites)
Safe Search
By default, Adult Results are Off, we do our best to hide such scenes from children.
Our users can easy select the way they want to surf, can chose to try to filter Advertising  spammer sites.
Our Search Engine have 3 Languages for now, English, French and Portuguese, but we would like to have more
in Future, maybe with a little help from our users.

Thank You Very Much for your interests reading this page
Please do not hesitate in contact us if any doubts occur, Help need..etc using Our Support